Cats Health : 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick

Cats Health : 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick
Cats Health : 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick

Signs Your Cat is Sick

The cat is such an independent animal that it is not always easy to detect a sign of illness or suffering.

Its  passion for napping makes it all the more difficult!

There are, however, symptoms that can help identify if your cat is sick.

If you find it among the list in this article, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

Here are 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick

1. The Cat no longer eats

15 Warning Signs That Your Cat is Sick

If your cat is in the habit of eating properly and suddenly losing its appetite for more than 24 hours, there is indeed cause for concern.

In case this lack of appetite is accompanied by vomiting and / or diarrhea, your little feline is surely victim of digestive disorders.

If these symptoms persist for several days, go to the veterinarian as it can be caused by a much more serious illness such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

2. The Cat drinks a lot

Cats Health : 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick

A cat is essentially hydrated by the water contained in the food it ingests, hence the importance of providing it with both wet (mash) and dry (kibble) nutrition on a daily basis.

 If you have noticed that your tomcat is drinking more than usual, this is not normal and may indicate a kidney dysfunction.

3.The Cat no longer plays

15 Warning Signs That Your Cat is Sick

The hunter’s instinct is highly developed in cats, which is why they need to go out and explore the surroundings to hunt or to play with their master if they live inside.

In the second case, the toys replace the prey.

If your cat does not want to play anymore and seems apathetic, this may be a sign of some discomfort.

4. The cat Gains or loses weight

The cat Gains or loses weight

Weight gain or, on the contrary, sudden weight loss is generally not a good sign.

Rapid weight loss (loss of 1 kg) is often due to a serious illness, such as kidney failure or a tumor.

An obese cat will be much more likely to die early from cardiovascular disease.

Obesity is a real scourge for the species, which is why it is important to monitor the weight of your animal.

5.The Cat is irritable

The Cat is irritable

Your feline friend is usually gentle and affectionate, but has been getting angry at the slightest annoyance for some time.

Did he scratch and / or bite you?

It is very likely that it feels some discomfort, a form of discomfort.

To be sure, go to your veterinarian.

6. The Cat isolates itself

Cats Health : 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick

One thing is certain, the cat is an independent, solitary animal.

The cat likes to be left alone and even needs moments of calm during which it does not want to be disturbed.

So there’s nothing wrong with it hiding from time to time in the back of a closet.

 If this behavior becomes too habitual, there may be something wrong.

7. The cat licks

15 Warning Signs That Your Cat is Sick

Be aware that the condition of a cat’s skin and coat is a good indicator of its health.

If its skin is smooth and pink, his coat shiny and soft, this indicates that the cat is in good health.

On the other hand, skin with scabs caused by severe itching and a brittle and dull coat (significant loss of hair) can reveal a skin disease or a food allergy.

This will be even more visible because the cat will tend to lick excessively. The opposite can also happen and your cat may no longer wash.

8. The cat urinates a lot

Cats Health The cat urinates a lot

If you notice that your cat makes an abnormal number of trips to the litter box and that it urinates only a small amount each time (sometimes even with blood), it is very likely to have a urinary tract infection.

Your cat should be treated quickly or risk serious complications.

9. The cat has bad breath

Cats Health The cat has bad breath

An oral disease usually manifests as bad breath and / or redness inside the cat’s mouth.

 It can be linked to excess tartar buildup on the cat’s teeth.

In this case, you just need to descale (quickly) your cat’s teeth.

In addition, a healthy cat has very pink gums. A change in gum color can be a sign of illness.

10. The cat no longer purrs

Cats Health The cat no longer purrs

If your cat is an inveterate purr and suddenly stops purring, he may be sick.

Conversely, some sick cats continue to purr because purring soothes them.

11. The cat loses its balance

Cats Health : 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick

A boxing cat that has trouble making certain movements or keeping balance when it is moving is not healthy.

The veterinarian is the only one who can detect the level of your little feline’s problem (nervous, articular, etc.).

12. The cat Has a runny nose

Cats Health The cat Has a runny nose

Just like in humans, a runny nose, red eyes and sneezing are symptoms of an illness.

 In cats, these symptoms often indicate a cold or coryza. If your cat also has a fever, place it in a warm, calm place in your home, away from drafts.

13. The cat shakes its head

Cats Health : 15 Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick

A cat that shakes its head, scratches its ears excessively or keeps its head tilted in a curious position is surely victim of an otitis.

Whether it is due to the presence of bacteria, fungi or the presence of a foreign body in the ear canal, it is urgent to take your furball to the veterinarian.

14. The cat has crying eyes

Cats Health The cat has crying eyes

Watery, red, or stuck eyes are a sign of an eye problem in cats.

Conjunctivitis, coryza, scratch … The causes are many when it comes to the eyes!

The eyes being one of the most fragile parts of the body, do not wait to consult a veterinarian.

15. The cat gasps

CATS HEALTH The cat gasps

Unlike the dog, the cat should not gasp.

If you see your tomcat breathing with its mouth open, very quickly, loudly, or coughing continuously, this is a sign of a breathing problem, among Warning Signs Your Cat is Sick.

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