Fish Diseases : The 6 Most Common Diseases

Fish Diseases : The 6 Most Common Diseases
Fish Diseases : The 6 Most Common Diseases

The diseases listed below are all contagious and can quickly contaminate an entire aquarium.

 It is therefore essential to react quickly in order to limit the damage.

1. White spot disease

This fish disease is very contagious. When a fish is affected, we can observe the appearance of small white dots on its fins, then on the whole body, as if it were covered with salt.

The fish will then rub everything they can because it will scratch them, their breathing rate will accelerate and they will lose their appetite.

It is advisable to get treatment quickly for this disease in pet stores before the fish die of respiratory distress.

2. dropsy

Fish with dropsy have swelling in the abdomen and spiky scales.

The onset of this fish disease is usually due to a bacterial attack in the aquarium, due to poor water quality.

3. Velvet disease

This fish disease, due to a parasite, is recognized immediately because the fish seem covered with gray or bluish dust that looks like velvet.

They will then scratch and lose their appetite. Their skin can also come off in shreds.

4. Moss disease

When a cottony ball that looks like foam appears on the body of the fish, the fish has foam disease.

This disease is caused by an infected sore or by a bacterial or parasitic attack due to an imbalance in the aquarium.

5. Fish lice

Yes, fish have their own lice! These crab-like parasites cling to their bodies and cause itching. They must then be picked up. Be careful, they reproduce extremely quickly!

6. Fin rot

Due to a bacterial infection or a fungus, this fish disease causes rotting of the fins. At first, a simple whitish line appears. Then, this line will widen more and more. Poor water quality or stress can be the cause.

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