Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Care Tips to Take Care of your Dog’s Health

Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog's Health
Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog's Health

Dog Daycare Tips : Taking Care of a Dog

From dog’s cattails to the ends of its paws, the dog needs some regular care, especially since the animal is rarely a maniac of cleanliness!

With these 7 basic Dog Care tips tucked safely under your belt, you will be prepared to offer your pooch the best life he could ask for.

Dog Eyes care

Dog Eyes care

With the exception of dogs with flat noses like boxers (requiring daily care), one eye cleaning per week (or even every ten days) is more than enough!

The method: clean each eye from its internal angle towards the outside, with a specific ocular wipe (can be bought from a dog veterinarian, in a specialized shop or a pharmacy) or a compress soaked beforehand with physiological saline. Changing the wipe / compress often helps prevent germs from getting back into the eyeball.

Dog Ears care

Dog Ears care

Drooping or heavily piled ears require cleaning every 8-10 days.

For the others, a monthly cleaning is enough. It is not recommended to give this treatment just before the walk when it is cold, because just like humans, animals can be prone to ear infections.

The technique: instill a few drops of canine ear cleaner (available from the dog veterinarian or pharmacy), gently massaging the outside of the ear with your fingers (the excess product should be wiped off with a compress).

Healthy Dog Teeth Care and Neat Claws

Healthy Dog Teeth Care and Neat Claws
Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog’s Health

No, brushing teeth and manicure are not just for humans!

And if there are toothpastes for dogs with a very popular meat taste, slightly abrasive kibble can do the trick, ensuring mechanical cleaning … without forgetting chewable treats or antiseptic tablets.

Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog's Health

The veterinarian may also occasionally perform descaling. As for cutting dog claws, these should only be cut (with a special claw cutter) if they are excessively long (and only the translucent part).

Dog Grooming and Brushing : To Be Done Regularly

Dog Grooming

During the moulting period (spring and autumn), it is advisable to brush the dog several times a week with a comb for short hair (two weekly brushings) or a curry comb for medium or long hair (one brushing both days).

Outside these periods, brushing dog a fortnight is sufficient.

Regarding the bath, it is best to give after brushing. A Dog shampoo (adapted to canine pH) every two months is sufficient (unless the dog is dirty or has bathed in sea water).

The Physical and Mental Dog Balance (Mental Health Dog)

Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog's Health

Each breed is different: each dog will therefore have different needs to achieve physical and Mental Dog Balance.

But its age, character and health are also factors that come into play.

It is up to the Dog Owner to grasp all these data, and to make sure to create the right balance, according to the physical requirements of the animal (a puppy will not have the same needs as a teenage dog for example).

And even if the adult dog tends to adapt more easily to the changes, stress can also threaten it. It’s up to the master to reassure it by his behavior.


Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog's Health

In terms of dog health, prevention is better than cure!

Especially in recent years, veterinary research has particularly advanced.

Dewormers, vaccines, repellents against biting insects …: it would be a shame not to share this with your life companion.

Seeking the advice of a dog veterinarian is essential, however, as the health requirements are not the same in different regions.

Sterilization is also recommended for females whose owners do not envisage any litter, in order to prevent any risk of mammary tumor.

You can also opt for dog health insurance, because care is sometimes very expensive.

Frequent Dog Diseases

Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog's Health
Dog Care : 7 Dog Health Tips to Take Care of your Dog’s Health

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from diabetes, hip dysplasia, piroplasmosis (a kind of dog Lyme disease) or viral hepatitis …

But other canine diseases unfortunately complete the list: the infamous distemper, leptospirosis, demodicosis, parvovirus (especially in the canine community), not to mention rabies.

These parasitic or bacteriological conditions are particularly devastating, as they are often contagious and serious (from neurological sequelae to death).

All these moments spent taking care of his Dog reinforce the bond between the owner and its dog.

In addition, regular hygienic care will detect possible small lesions or a parasitic infection: another reason not to neglect them!

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