What Your Cat Sleeping Position Reveals About Their Health and Personality

Cat Sleeping Positions Dainty Pets
Cat Sleeping Positions Dainty Pets

Your Cat Sleeping Position change quite often, Your cat does not always sleep in the same position.

And for good reason, the cat sleeping position has in fact a very particular meaning.

Indeed, it is often a reflection oftheir mood, even their state of health.

Here are the most common Cat Sleeping Positions!

curled up cat and its meaning

1. Curled up cat

Does your cat sleeping curled up, with its tail wrapped around its body and its head folded over its chest?

This means several things: either it is cold and therefore does its best to keep its body heat, or it does not feel safe and wants to protect its vulnerable organs, or it means that he does not want to be disturbed in its sleep .

What Your Cat Sleeping Position Reveals About Their Health and Personality

2. Curled up cat that exposes its neck

If your cat sleeping curled up but turns its head so as to expose its neck, it is probably because it is feeling good.

It can also be a call for petting, but it all depends on the personality of the cat.

It can also happen that, in this position, your cat covers its face with its paw.

In this case, it may just be more comfortable for it or it may also be a way for it to protect itself from the light or to feel safe.

Belly Up Cat and its meaning

3. The Belly Up Cat

The belly is the most vulnerable part of  cats body.

Indeed, this is where the main vital organs are located.

In fact, it is the one that they most aggressively defend against an enemy.

So if your cat has a habit of lying on its back, exposing its belly (cat belly up), it is because it feels perfectly safe.

It trusts you and knows that with you it is not afraid of being attacked.

If this were the case, it would not sleep in this position because it would take it longer to get up (and therefore to flee or fight) than if it was lying on its stomach.

Good to know: if your cat is the type of contortionist and sleep in improbable positions, it is that it feels more comfortable as well.

Each cat has its favorite sleeping positions!

4. The cat in a box

The cat in a box, cat in box

Cats tend to seek out small, confined spaces for sleeping, such as boxes, cartons, baskets, or even drawers.

That way, they can fall asleep feeling protected. Not to mention that, generally, it is particularly comfortable!

Note that sleeping rolled into a ball in a box can also be a way for felines to more easily maintain their body temperature at a high level during their sleep.

In short, it allows them to avoid heat loss!

The Cat Loaf What Your Cat Sleeping Position Reveals About Their Health and Personality

5. The Cat Loaf

When a cat wishes to doze, without falling into a deep sleep, it often adopts the so-called Cat Loaf position.

 In this way, its legs are folded under its belly and its tail is wrapped around its body.

This allows it to relax comfortably while keeping an eye on what is going on around it.

But this Cat Loaf position can also mean that your cat is cold, its legs are making it suffer or that it wants to be alone for a while.

The side sleeper What Your Cat Sleeping Position Reveals About Their Health and Personality

6. The side sleeper cat

Side Sleeper is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions for our feline friends.

When a cat sleeps on its side, with its legs stretched out or curled up, it is that it generally went into deep sleep.

Therefore, when your side sleeper cat adopts this position, it means that it feels relaxed and safe and that it does not feel the need to remain vigilant and to sleep only with one eye.


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