A Famous Youtuber Mistakenly Posts a Video Where She Mistreats Her Dog 😱


Mistreatment of Dogs : A Star on Youtube Mistakenly Posts a Video Where She Mistreats Her Dog

Brooke Houts is a star on Youtube where she has more than 335,000 subscribers who regularly follow her adventures, especially with her dog. But they were far from imagining the sad truth behind the camera and far from the glitter of Youtube …

A video that the YouTuber obviously did not intend to share and which makes a lot of noise …

A few days ago, Brooke Houts posted – as usual – a video on Youtube. Unfortunately for her, nothing goes as planned and she is actually posting clips that no one should have seen. Excerpts where she violates her dog in front of the camera because the latter does not obey as she would like and is too dynamic.

Hits, cries … Everything goes as the poor doggie just wanted to lick his mistress and show her his joy …

Mistreatment of Dogs : Complaints filed




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